Enteroscopy is an examination of the small intestine using a very long tube with or without special attachments, in which part or the entire small bowel can be visualized. Because traditional endoscopes cannot reach the small intestine, these special techniques are used for enteroscopy. Enteroscopy sometimes allows for the doctor to perform biopsies, or treat problems that arise deep in the small bowel.
Enteroscopy procedures include:

Push enteroscopy. A long endoscope is used to examine the upper portion of the small intestine.

Single-balloon enteroscopy. Balloon is mounted on the long endoscope to help the endoscope move through the entire small intestine.  The procedure is complex taking up to one or more hours to perform.

Enteroscopy with Spirrus. An apparatus that looks like a cork-screw is adapted to the long endoscope and introduced by mouth.  With the help of this device the small bowel is examined in most cases in its entirety by placating the bowel over the scope.

PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy )

A PEG is a procedure of the placement of a feeding tube through the abdominal wall directly into the stomach guided by an endoscope.   This tube is used to aid in the feeding of a patient that has lost the ability to swallow.  The PEG tube can be for temporary or permanent use.

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Informed consent will be obtained for any elective procedure performed by Dr. Llaneza. The patient will receive a full disclosure of the procedure, alternatives, risks, and possible consequences at the time of the visit. Please refer to the procedure descriptions listed under “Procedure Tab” in this website.

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